NYC Roundup! 

This last week Tyler and I have explored the incredible city of New York! Oh it was beyond magical and I truly never wanted to come back! The sites, the sounds, the food, the shopping all made me feel energized! SoHo was probably my favorite place to buzz around. I do believe I came home with all kinds of goodies to add my growing wardrobe, art, and home collections! I figured I’d show you a little insight to my sense of style and to showcase some of my favorite things. We can start at the top and work our way down… 

I’ve been crazy in love with the darling French dessert craze taking over the US. Macarons or as my family calls them “colorful hamburgers”. I finally was able to try these delicious goodies at the famous Laudrée! I also spotted the perfect keychain to for me since I’m enchanted with the macarons. 

  After our stop at the Macaron shop, we jetted down Spring St to Kate Spade. I’m such a Kate girl, so I had to buy something from my fav NYC flagship store. When I saw the floral print, I’ll admit it was loud, but I could not pass. It will bring such joy to my spring and summer outfit! Plus it’s a great bag to travel with! Kate Spade did it again and stole my heart.  

 These shoes are tied for my top favorite NYC purchase. I had been after a pair of TOMS Desert Wedges for quite some time. Tyler and I walked all over town looking for a store that sold these. Of course, the ones I thought I wanted were sold out.. But I saw these and had to try them on. The shoe is so comfortable even with the cork wedge. I’ve already worn them to work and received beaucoup of compliments on them. I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone looking for a fab summer shoe. 


 The next trip was to Tiffany and Co on 5th Ave. You know, the famous shop where Audrey had breakfast? Well anyways this Tiffany’s was incredible! 6 floors of products, elevator operator, fabulous and high quality things EVERYWHERE! I knew I wanted a home item and this trinket box made the perfect addition to my reading nook! It’s a big version of the iconic Little Blue Box! Doesn’t it look perfect on my nook?! By the way, I’m reading The Chaperone and it’s great!  

Lastly, my favorite part of the trip was meeting my FAVORITE artist.  Inslee is her name and I am a huge fan of her work. Tyler set up a meet-up in her fabulous SoHo studio. We chatted and learned all about her process and life as an artist. I brought home her stunning calendar, which can be made in to artwork after! I also bought a citrus print and a precious croissant print. I can’t wait to make a cool art piece out of the calendar in my guest room! All in all, our meeting with Inslee was so cool and I appreciate her taking out the time to meet us! 

NYC was so amazing and really made for a memorable experience! When can we go back?! 


One thing I am in love with doing every weekend is shopping, but most importantly shopping for our house. I tend to find little or sometimes big pieces to make the house even better! This weekend I dragged Tyler along with me to the cutest little street in the Nashville area. Main Street Franklin always has treasures hidden amongst the shops. I hit up Antropologie and found the mother load of gorgeous things. Not only did I chat with a sales lady who lived in my hometown in Dallas, but I found out the store was 2 stories! I discovered the greatest little back room and found these lovely items. blue bowl

I am so crazy in love with the vibrant blue and white colors on the bowl. The pattern reminds me of the ocean and the gold reminds me of the sand. It pops so great against the dark wood of my china cabinet. I jumped at the opportunity to take this pretty steal home. You can add this gem to your own cabinet or bar cart through this link. It really is just as gorgeous as it is in pictures. There are a million options, but I really think this one is extra special.


Now these cotton napkins are a dream. Who wants to come over and have a dinner party with me? But real we could have breakfast, lunch, or even dessert too! Once again, Antro got me and made me weak in the knees for the napkins. Pop of pink, darling cursive, and perfect summer material was an absolute no-brainer. The napkins also come in green, which is more of a lime green in person. I 100% suggest them for anyone who wants to add to their repertoire of napkins.

I HIGHLY recommend shopping at Anthropologie. I love the entire home section, the vibrant colors, and vast selection of fun things to look at. While you’re looking at these two steals, make sure to check out this precious monogram pillow, these Bon Appetit napkins,, and this perfect summer-y butter dish.

Weekend Project

I’ve recently become crazy about colorful agate stone slices. They’re so fun and different to me! The other day at the Nashville Flea Market I picked up some slices and wanted to create something fun out of them. 

I, of course, picked my favorite colors to brighten up my house. I saw the other day on Pinterest someone had craftily made magnets out of stones, but they wanted $30 for two.. Yeah right. I figured I could make some myself for a lot less money and I thought I would share with y’all! 

First, you’ll need slices! Any color will do just perfectly! Also, do not be afraid of shapes and sizes! Whatever you love, go for it!  Then you’ll need some hot glue or super glue and magnets! I used these and they worked quite well! 

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Take the glue and glue the magnet to the back on slice. Make sure you place them carefully, since the slices are quite see through. 

The finished product is pretty fun. My one snipt of advice is to get strong magnets! No body wants these pretty things to fall and shatter! And voila! My finished product on our fridge! 

Do any of you have agate stone as part of home decor? Coasters, artwork, anything! Feel free to comment and share!

The First Greeting 

So I have always been a lady who likes to set herself apart from the crowd. Especially in suburban Nashville. Our neighborhood is built on a track home system and many of the houses look almost identical. Therefore, I make our house distinctive by having a wreath! I absolutely adore the way my wreaths pop against my wood door. When we moved in I used to be the only person who had a door decoration, but I’ve noticed more and more people on the street following suit. There is something really special about a yellow and orange wreath on a gloomy day. I am one to purchase a wreath pre-made, because I’m not the most crafty. But any craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby have everything you need to make a gret wreath! Grab a bunch of flowers, a wreath form, and I always add a pop of ribbon to jazz up a wreath. Think about a door decoration, whether it be a wreath or one of those super in monogram letters, as the first greeting people receive to your house. I love coming home and having a lovely wreath to give me a smile before I walk in the house. If you have any door décor feel free to comment and share!

Welcome to Our Home!

In March of 2014, Tyler signed the dotted line and crossed the t’s on the loan to our house. There was a lot of excitement and nerves, because what was a 23 year old doing buying a house! Fun fact, I never actually saw the house. I was in Oklahoma at the time going to school, so we house shopped through pictures and plenty of calls. We live on the end of a cul-de-sac on Oak Brook Terrace and on top of a hill. We have 2,500 square feet of space to live in and grow. Make sure to take a look at all the pictures below to see where we started and have the base to the rest of this design adventure. Our driveway is at such an angle it’s a mini workout walking to get the mail. The porch has columns and enough room for some classic Southern rocking chairs. Our front door, I’ll admit, does need some work with the color and look, but hey when you buy a house it’s an incredible blank canvas. Inside, the first floor is an open floor plan with changing floor types to distinguish what room you’re in. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all connected, which makes it a great space for our monthly dinner parities. There is also a half bath, a hall closet, a pantry, a utility closet, and a laundry room! The back door leads to a fantastic summer backyard with a stone patio and no fence. Just trees and little creatures who rustle the bushes at night. The kitchen is most certainly the room for updates. We want to spruce up the appliances, change the awful linoleum floor, and put in better counter tops. The room is large and a lot of space to move about, so that is a definite selling point for us. Our living room is cozy and has a magnificent fireplace as the focal point. The dining room has a chair railing and lovely wood floors. All in all, the downstairs is a great space that screams blank canvas!

I am such a sucker for a great set of stairs and by gosh this house has it. The stairwell has such high ceilings I am not quite sure what to do with all that space! Anyhow, upstairs we have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a great bonus room. Our master is so beautiful, because the ceilings have a very unique architectural design and a great Jacuzzi tub. A really exciting feature to our house is the walk-in closets in every bedroom. They are what every girl wants in her home. I use 2/3 closets to full advantage with my ridiculous amount of clothing. We use the other two rooms, which are totally not finished to my liking, as guest rooms. The bonus rooms is the room where all the fun happens. It doubles as a movie room and office for Tyler. I know what I want to do with it, but I am constantly figuring out the best way to go about it. Basically, the upstairs is the work in progress floor. The way I see it, the second floor provides a constant project for me and my husband.

Our two car garage was the most important part of the house to Tyler. There are built in shelves, a staircase to the actual house, and racks of hooks for tools. He could spend hours and hours out there without ever getting bored. Tyler claimed this room as his own and has decorated as such. The garage services as a car repair shop, car wash, and basic man cave.

So, with all of this knowledge let’s get this blog rolling. I am so excited to welcome you into our home and show you around.

All you need to know about me in 1 post!

Hello! I’m Nicole and I beyond thrilled to join the blogging community. I am in my twenties and newly married. My husband, Tyler, is whom I share my wonderful life with in Nashville, Tennessee. We have a sweet dog named Pearl, who is obsessed with our collection of blankets. If I had to describe our home in 3 words, I would choose cozy, classic, and intimate. I started this blog to share my passion with home decor and decorating. Nothing is as rewarding as coming home at the end of the day to our house. I have put a lot of heart into the decorating of the home we share. Through this blog, I plan to share ideas, adventures, projects, and improvements that all chronicle home. Hence, where the inspiration for the blog came from. Every home is different and every home is personal. Hopefully you can take these ideas and adapt them to fit your own. Everything here is open for interpretation, which is what I love about it. A thought can transform into something beautiful and really unique.  I am ready to start this journey and excited to share. So welcome to The Chronicles of Home!