All you need to know about me in 1 post!

Hello! I’m Nicole and I beyond thrilled to join the blogging community. I am in my twenties and newly married. My husband, Tyler, is whom I share my wonderful life with in Nashville, Tennessee. We have a sweet dog named Pearl, who is obsessed with our collection of blankets. If I had to describe our home in 3 words, I would choose cozy, classic, and intimate. I started this blog to share my passion with home decor and decorating. Nothing is as rewarding as coming home at the end of the day to our house. I have put a lot of heart into the decorating of the home we share. Through this blog, I plan to share ideas, adventures, projects, and improvements that all chronicle home. Hence, where the inspiration for the blog came from. Every home is different and every home is personal. Hopefully you can take these ideas and adapt them to fit your own. Everything here is open for interpretation, which is what I love about it. A thought can transform into something beautiful and really unique.  I am ready to start this journey and excited to share. So welcome to The Chronicles of Home!


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