Weekend Project

I’ve recently become crazy about colorful agate stone slices. They’re so fun and different to me! The other day at the Nashville Flea Market I picked up some slices and wanted to create something fun out of them. 

I, of course, picked my favorite colors to brighten up my house. I saw the other day on Pinterest someone had craftily made magnets out of stones, but they wanted $30 for two.. Yeah right. I figured I could make some myself for a lot less money and I thought I would share with y’all! 

First, you’ll need slices! Any color will do just perfectly! Also, do not be afraid of shapes and sizes! Whatever you love, go for it!  Then you’ll need some hot glue or super glue and magnets! I used these and they worked quite well! 

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Take the glue and glue the magnet to the back on slice. Make sure you place them carefully, since the slices are quite see through. 

The finished product is pretty fun. My one snipt of advice is to get strong magnets! No body wants these pretty things to fall and shatter! And voila! My finished product on our fridge! 

Do any of you have agate stone as part of home decor? Coasters, artwork, anything! Feel free to comment and share!


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