One thing I am in love with doing every weekend is shopping, but most importantly shopping for our house. I tend to find little or sometimes big pieces to make the house even better! This weekend I dragged Tyler along with me to the cutest little street in the Nashville area. Main Street Franklin always has treasures hidden amongst the shops. I hit up Antropologie and found the mother load of gorgeous things. Not only did I chat with a sales lady who lived in my hometown in Dallas, but I found out the store was 2 stories! I discovered the greatest little back room and found these lovely items. blue bowl

I am so crazy in love with the vibrant blue and white colors on the bowl. The pattern reminds me of the ocean and the gold reminds me of the sand. It pops so great against the dark wood of my china cabinet. I jumped at the opportunity to take this pretty steal home. You can add this gem to your own cabinet or bar cart through this link. It really is just as gorgeous as it is in pictures. There are a million options, but I really think this one is extra special.


Now these cotton napkins are a dream. Who wants to come over and have a dinner party with me? But real we could have breakfast, lunch, or even dessert too! Once again, Antro got me and made me weak in the knees for the napkins. Pop of pink, darling cursive, and perfect summer material was an absolute no-brainer. The napkins also come in green, which is more of a lime green in person. I 100% suggest them for anyone who wants to add to their repertoire of napkins.

I HIGHLY recommend shopping at Anthropologie. I love the entire home section, the vibrant colors, and vast selection of fun things to look at. While you’re looking at these two steals, make sure to check out this precious monogram pillow, these Bon Appetit napkins,, and this perfect summer-y butter dish.


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  1. seersuckersass · March 20, 2015

    Such great little finds! I shop the same way… by picking up little pieces for home here and there. I hate when something looks too “done.” Hope you’re enjoying NYC!!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

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