NYC Roundup! 

This last week Tyler and I have explored the incredible city of New York! Oh it was beyond magical and I truly never wanted to come back! The sites, the sounds, the food, the shopping all made me feel energized! SoHo was probably my favorite place to buzz around. I do believe I came home with all kinds of goodies to add my growing wardrobe, art, and home collections! I figured I’d show you a little insight to my sense of style and to showcase some of my favorite things. We can start at the top and work our way down… 

I’ve been crazy in love with the darling French dessert craze taking over the US. Macarons or as my family calls them “colorful hamburgers”. I finally was able to try these delicious goodies at the famous Laudrée! I also spotted the perfect keychain to for me since I’m enchanted with the macarons. 

  After our stop at the Macaron shop, we jetted down Spring St to Kate Spade. I’m such a Kate girl, so I had to buy something from my fav NYC flagship store. When I saw the floral print, I’ll admit it was loud, but I could not pass. It will bring such joy to my spring and summer outfit! Plus it’s a great bag to travel with! Kate Spade did it again and stole my heart.  

 These shoes are tied for my top favorite NYC purchase. I had been after a pair of TOMS Desert Wedges for quite some time. Tyler and I walked all over town looking for a store that sold these. Of course, the ones I thought I wanted were sold out.. But I saw these and had to try them on. The shoe is so comfortable even with the cork wedge. I’ve already worn them to work and received beaucoup of compliments on them. I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone looking for a fab summer shoe. 


 The next trip was to Tiffany and Co on 5th Ave. You know, the famous shop where Audrey had breakfast? Well anyways this Tiffany’s was incredible! 6 floors of products, elevator operator, fabulous and high quality things EVERYWHERE! I knew I wanted a home item and this trinket box made the perfect addition to my reading nook! It’s a big version of the iconic Little Blue Box! Doesn’t it look perfect on my nook?! By the way, I’m reading The Chaperone and it’s great!  

Lastly, my favorite part of the trip was meeting my FAVORITE artist.  Inslee is her name and I am a huge fan of her work. Tyler set up a meet-up in her fabulous SoHo studio. We chatted and learned all about her process and life as an artist. I brought home her stunning calendar, which can be made in to artwork after! I also bought a citrus print and a precious croissant print. I can’t wait to make a cool art piece out of the calendar in my guest room! All in all, our meeting with Inslee was so cool and I appreciate her taking out the time to meet us! 

NYC was so amazing and really made for a memorable experience! When can we go back?! 


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